13 May, 2020

The mind is the same as a parachute, it only works if it is opened.

Albert Einstein

For thousands of years the human being has created and destroyed wonders, thanks to one of the most complex organs that we possess, THE CEREBRO.

It creates our thoughts, our perceptions, builds subjective reality through imagination.

We often take advantage of free time to release the power of our imagination, which we can let go as far as we allow; imagination has no limits, but if you don’t train it you can be limited or we can also be trained to limit it.

You’ve been wondering why it’s so important to imagine, I think yes and if not, ask yourself right now, because not asking us something so simple.
Yes, imagining allows us to feel alive and part of something, but be asked again What does the imagine becomes a dream?, is another big question that we should ask ourselves or maybe you already have,as también are those people who are in zombie mode simply waiting for life to tell them or give thems signs that asking to dream, chasing purposes of others without tosea the opportunity tomaterialize their own.

Well, a dream becomes a dream when you imagine it you recreate and recreate and recreate and recreate it many times, if you are always imagining the same thing you should not doubt it, that is where the purpose of life and above all happiness is.

Imagination allows to strengthen dreams, form people with vision, gives the north to freedom and realization as a unique BEING. It is the imagination that feeds thedreams, therefore, you must let them fill up to infinity,not forgetting thatit must take action, because large dreams lead to great challenges, for this requires greater commitment.

Your dreams won’t come true watching your favorite series, repeating a thousand times that movie you love or spending hours gossiping on social media, your dreams are created when you take action.

When it succeeds in realizing that dream you should immediately have the next one, it may be related or complementary to the last, as it may also be different, but that is, that it is larger than the previous one, you must ensurete that you do not snever.

The power of the mind allows you to visualize the goal, preparing the map so as not to undertake blindly. You know that if you aim for a blindfolded target it is more difficult to hit, besides that map will show you the type of people that you musteBE toachieve success. Keep in mind that viewing is not the same as planning, planning often paralyzes, from experience I advise you to plan while going your projects.

You must dream, but yes, dream big, that way you make sure you don’t fall into conformisms, let alone get stuck, act, don’t fail, the big goals take time, sweat and sacrifice, your reward will come, but if you have the courage to pay the price.

QI should have known two important slogans in my life and that every person I orient is shared.

“Success is not the goal, success is the consequence of discipline”

“Don’t look for a job, make it”

We wish you many successes and have a spectacular day.
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