29 May, 2020

You can’t create anything outside of us without creating it in us first.

Victoria Ocampo

How to make more money working from home, creating mobile applications, without knowledge in programming or advanced studies, monetizing each of your apps created to generate residual income and that with the passing of time generates more and more money?

Well today I bring you an article where I show you’re a MILLONARIA IDEA, for you and for all those digital entrepreneurs who want to start or complement a totally profitable digital business.   Make Money!

On internet you can find many ideas to make money without leaving home in 2020, including Mobile Apps. In the world of profitable apps s in in no profitable apps doubt, it is one of the best choices you can make for your digital entrepreneurship in 2020.

You’ll wonder why create an online mobile app business?

Although there are currently more than 2 million apps published in the App Store and on Google Play the figure is 2.5 million, if you focus on these big numbers you will look at a lot of competition and put you to doubtwhether it will be worth it or not. But I will show you the following statistics of the use and profitability of them.

Globally, the number of smartphone users is increasing and 4 million users are expected to reach 4 million users by 2021. According to surveys between 2018 and 2019, more than half of users spend about 9 hours of mobile usage on mobile and advertising revenue in 2018 reached $85 billion and in 2019 the amount amounted to $127 billion. Downloads in 2019 were 189 million mobile apps. The App Store was responsible for generating 65% of the total, 30% Google Play Store and 5% the new AppGallery. No doubt Apple users are more willing to buy, but it doesn’t take credit for the other platforms.

As time the market is growing and even more so in this 2020 because of the circumstances we are living, where the time of use is much longer.

But does developing mobile applications require a lot of knowledge and study in programming?

If your intentions are to create Profitable Apps like Facebook, tiktok, whatsapp; Yes, you need a lot of knowledge, passion and money.

But you don’t have to start by creating Profitable Apps from such a robust start, generating revenue simply requires you to have a talent or idea, which you can share through an app and then monetize it with Google Admob and most  importantly    that you can  create  profitable apps  without having to know how to program.  

Youwill show 5 exact steps to start a profitable business in the world of mobile applications without having experience or programming knowledge and that will produce your revenue.

  1. Investigate the market, so you can identify which mobile apps are more profitable and easier to create, copying functionalities from others, unifying them and thus not wasting time reinventing the wheel. But don’t forget to work on your own idea.
  2. Based on your revenue goal, make a list of the simplest apps you can create and target the market that you’re going to target.
  3. Now if you have to decide which platform to use to create your profitable apps, where no experience or programming knowledgeisrequired, there are many, but this time I recommend You Profitable Apps.
  4. Buse the content that will carry your application, you can do it directly on Google, texts, images, videos, audios, etc.
  5. Easilymanage and promote your mobile apps, now that you have your apps ready, the next step will be to publish them to the app stores and promote them for las installation. In Profitable Apps this whole process is included.

The Cost-effective Apps platform is approved by hundreds of people with amazing apps, where you can create publish and, monetize mobile apps without the need for experience and programmingknowledge. Manger everything it offers you in the link below   è More about Profitable Apps Here!

The creation of the world did not happen at the beginning of time; it happens every day.

Marcel Proust

Of course it is very but very possible to creatertante a free application,,  without knowing absolutely anything about programming  and of course making money, but  in  this type of business the essential thing is that you find everything in one place, create, publish, promote and the  most  importantthing that you learn to  monetize  your mobile applications without having studied programming or anything for it..

The creation of applications by novices is gaining ground, it is a good time to enter this wave due to the high demand in different niches, in addition there are different options to generate money from home with profitableapps, as well as you can use Google Admob, you can also sell advertising spaces, create subscriptions, free  to  play video games, sell them to third parties, etc.

If youliked the idea of starting a profitable business in the world of mobile applications and generatingrevenue. If you want to start your digital business this year, I leave you the link to know more about Profitable Apps or write to us, we will be attentive to help you.

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