18 May, 2020

Compound interest is the most powerful force in the galaxy.

Albert Einstein

Working with trading is and is becoming one of the job occupations of the future. With trading isgiving está a major change to the paradigm of stable work from home to work and from work to home, changes where people seekban ban relatively safe jobs until a pension and thus achieve financial freedom.

Current circumstances are opening up entirely new más frontierss to develop other types of jobs, the new modality of work is focusing more on telework, interconnection is increasingly taking abreak in the workplace and on the development of personal life.

Working with trading is trading operar con financial assets,where you make a profit on the financial instrument that has been invested, either by buying or sellinginC. Working with trading consists of constant tracking of stock indices, foreign exchange market, oil, futures market, stocks;allowing you to obtain profitability on the decisions that are made at the time of trading.

When you are profitable working with trading, one of the advantages you have is freedom, being able to travel for as long as you like,not necessarily to thebeach, but if to different places where of course it is an internet connection. Otherthan that, you can work on other digital or physical projects that don’t necessarily require your presence.

To work with trading you only need the following: (computer – information – knowledge – handling emotions – money),I have tried to sort them in order ofimportance where the first 4 can be altered,in the last, the money I have noda time and yes,start working with trading, the, last thing that is needed is money.

But why is money the least important, if you need to invest money to make money from trading?

Unfortunately thetrading industry is becoming more corrupt and manipulated every day, trading is being prostituted by supposed professionals and gurus, information that is driven by smoke sellers, assembling strategies and infrastructures only for the propi benefit,everything isandporn-trading shows a beautiful world where it is not beautiful, I do not want to generalize, because there are people who truly share that knowledge in a healthy way, but unfortunately they are not so noticeable, smoke sellers stand out because they are market makers and it takes many more important things that they name to become a profitable trader,things that are available to all.

To work with trading we must start to decentralize ourselves from savings to invest them according to how the training process as a trader progresses, the knowledge of himself, learn to manage emotions, know how to use the information, test the strategies, keep a trading journal, risk management, read, apply, in everything above is what really must concentrate all the attention to start working with trading. And the profits that arealreadyn obtained should not be spent,as, if not reinvest it to achieve a higher capital and thus stop relying on a fixed salary or employment.

To start working with trading you must learn to invest money responsibly,realize that the process will not be easy, learn the formula to get out of that life of stress where all action and knowledge is stagnated, because no matter that all possible preparation is achieved, if there is no action there will be nothing.

Working with trading you can act at a global level. Today the power of globalization must be harnessed to build, destruction cannot be generated with the great opportunities that globalization gives.

Overtime, we are training and learning how the market works and in that process we must not be less precious the current source of incomee is, as we should not be aware of it,we must always remain in formation.

No matter what great advances you want to look at, what matters is that today you advance one step and tomorrow another.


Why work with trading?

When you go to a job, the remuneration is given for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon on average, it is thought that it is about 8 hours that you work and that you earn analario for those hours, but it is not. In fact, you start working from when you wake up, if you are parents, from enlisting your children onwards, preparing food for the day, preparing an image, entering traffic with the transcones that are generated, returning home, etc. isyou getting analario s for all those hours?; youí work around 16 hours a day for a single salary. Now, if you workndo by hours,, that time that is used outside of work is not remunerated.

Working with trading all this time you becomeknowledgeed, training and developing the intellectual and spiritual BEING that governs us, managing to reach a point where you are aware of what happens in financial instruments and know what to do to generate money and be profitable.

WE MUST DEDICAR TIME INar FORMATION, no more waste of timeshould be generated,neither for us, nor family, much less for our society.. You should look for a second job and that second job should be,, start training in trading,learn to invest, little by little without haste, but without pause and be able to move our money, the money that is saved or destined to find other sources of income.

Working with trading is working in telework, allowing you to transport the office where you want, earning a lot, not just money, earning quality of life and TIME.

The ability to generate money with information, knowledge and preparation, is achievedby working with trading. En trading succeeds if it comes from proper training,it takes time, of course itdoes!, but if it does not prepare well you will lose more money than you lose in the learning sí process. Working with trading will allow you to earn money, but just as you earn you can also lose.

Now yes, how to work with trading?

It is not necessaryor having experience to work with trading,no specific training or university degreesis required, it can be carried out on its own, the ability to analyze and the willingness to learn from errors are some of the aspects that will mark a profitable future as a trader.

It shouldbe used long-term profitability, it is necessary to dedicate time to the study of the market behavior in the past, test the operations as a method of improvement, the experience is not measured in years but in operations carried out, the internet is the main library and support today, capital management should bevery strict, the psychological aspect plays a decisive role in most cases, both skill and knowledge go hand in hand.. The rest has been said before.

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