7 June, 2020

At every moment you can reinvent yourself and choose who you want to become.

Arturo Orante

This crisis is leaving many people in a null state, where they are left “apparently” without options of any kind to continue, leading to a state of shock, paralyzing dreams and projects. The current crisis we are experiencing, the COVID-19 pandemic, is leaving many economies, companies and people in a completely desolate field.

Who has not suffered the cruelty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic? Who has not felt the voracious claw that this crisis brings? Those of us who ARE willing to reinvent ourselves.

Many have fallen, but others are determined to reinvent themselves to survive and achieve what seems to be being taken from them, nothing better than clenching their teeth, doubling down on their work, forcing their imagination, sleeping less and, above all, REINVENTING. Reinvention in times of crisis, more than a buzz phrase in the whimsical world of entrepreneurship, is a broad and attractive concept that can help you find a new path to develop your skills to the maximum, find yourself, taking you to a higher level and from there start building your prosperity.

In times of crisis is where the best opportunity to reinvent itself is given, reinventing means reinventing, returning to the zero point to start doing, crisis is reinvestment. If in the past you made the decision to train as a professional (And I’m not talking precisely about academic degrees), in BE the best in your area, sometimes, in certain circumstances, it is recommended that you reinvent yourself again, that you train again skills, reinvent yourself as a professional, without there being an age for it, regardless of the difficult circumstances that are generated and that better reinvent yourself in times of crisis, during this quarantine.

When things are bad, it is the best time to reinvent yourself.

George López

Every day we find in social networks and other media, mantras or phrases for times of crisis, among them the most popular: Crisis equals opportunity, you listen to it to the point that you annoy it and end up giving it a meaning of opportunism in the face of calamity, rejecting it totally, closing yourself to the opportunities you have for your prosperity. I assure you that, if you open your mind and reinvent yourself in times of crisis, if you see this crisis as an opportunity to BE someone else, if you take it from a more social and productive point of view for you and for those around you, this crisis will you will become an opportunity not an opportunism.

Reinvention is the key that allows you to cross the barrier of fear towards change. The current crisis requires you to reinvent yourself, if you want to fulfill your dreams sooner or later you will have to reinvent yourself. To reinvent yourself in times of crisis you have to have sincerity and attitude towards change.

Honestly answer your current status:

  • How’s your budget going?
  • Do you think you have underused talents?
  • Is your company going to close?
  • Because of the crisis, can they fire you?
  • Do you enjoy what you do or are you not?
  • Do you wake up every morning with enthusiasm to work?
  • You are happy?

Well, perhaps the time has come to reinvent yourself. The solution has always been within you, in understanding your environment. There is no use regretting. Now, it is not that, if you must reinvent yourself, it is that you are obliged to do so, to rediscover those skills that made you feel part of your own life.

I invite you to seriously reflect on your reinvention in times of crisis, without letting yourself be overwhelmed by fear and fear. Do not throw away your past, forget the idea of erasing your mistakes, it is like wanting to erase the wisdom that the same errors have generated, use the wisdom that you have acquired.

The secret of your reinvestment is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.

Dan Millman

Be obsessed with your reinvestment, constant but slow, lest you have to reinvent yourself again in the short term. Mature your ideas with trusted people, experts in the subject, receive advice from people who have achieved it, do not listen to observations of people who have not achieved anything, choose an activity that you are passionate about, that steals your sleep, that fits your talents, take advantage of your personal relationships, both to gain knowledge and to access the niche of your liking.

Find a pleasant environment where you can work in yourself, take advantage of every moment to make a revolution of yourself, long for at least an improvement, take advantage of circumstances to push yourself to change. Difficult circumstances, not comfort, are what drive you to do what you want most from the bottom of your BEING, the brake on fear of undertaking and risking simply does not exist.

How to reinvent yourself in times of crisis, it does not have an exact answer, because it has always been within you, only you decide when you want to take the blindfold off and not continue listening to the lamentations of the system. Before you meet other people, know yourself, you are the key to your own reinvention.

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Challenge yourself, it is the only path that leads to growth.

Morgan Freeman