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19 May, 2020

Luck is in favor of preparedminds

Louis Pasteur

Is yours?.

The Internet has given access to endless possibilities to start online and work from home with digital con content,businesses that generate money without the need for large investments in a relatively “easyand fast” way and I say relatively because everything requires dedication and effort to reach the goals, nothing arrives easily fácil so,but do not worry, I encourage you to continue with this article, I bring you good things so that you take advantage and earn money since ¡the digitalcontent trade is at its best! , giving the creation of profitable digital businesses with the best cost-benefit ratio.

The reason why more and more virtual stores are created is due to the easy access to globalization through the internet and with little or no investment,it is possible toachieve high profits, since everything is managed virtually (reducing significantly some expenses that could not be reduced in person), in addition it is possible to reach a giantsco audiencein all parts of the world!.

In addition, online business is an excellent alternative for those who want to work from the comfort of their home..

1- Create content in blogs, be a Blogger:

The creation of blogs is one of the profitable businesses of recent years, because with easy access to information there is an increasing number ofersonas  in search of information  and knowledge    online, which means that the Internet public is  va en crecimientogrowing.

There are several ways to generate money with a blog,  including:  Spreading products as anaffiliate,  offering online advice, using Google Adsense   (CPC – CPA),,  private advertisers, offering own products and services, donations,  etc.

What is it like to be a Blogger?

Bloggerss  are people who  have knowledge and a great passion about a specific market niche, such as programming,  marketing,  fashion,,  beauty, gastronomy, sports, film, travel, finance and many others. The possibilities are endless!

Those who create a blog have the mission of disseminating useful and interesting information for readers of the sector of interest. That way, the content should have the ability to help or entertain visitors to the page, being highly valuable to them.

What skills are needed to create a blog?

To be successful in doing this isyour  job, it is advisable that you have or trains  the  following:

  • Passion and perseverance
  • Creativity and good research capacity.
  • Choose quality content
  • Empathy with the reader
  • Learning and enhancing writing
  • SEO and copywriting
  • Spreading content
  • Design, organization and usability
  • Good writing and reading capability.
  • Basic computer skills.

What Investment  is required  to  start a blog?

To start being a Blogger, you don’t need any upfront investment! , assuming you already have a smart computer or cell phone. There are free platforms with which you can start as blogger or WordPress and if you want to start with more presence you must hire a web hosting service which you will also find them at very low prices. If you are interested in this  businessidea, just let us know in the comments and we will give a complete guide on how to make money with a blog. We look forward to your feedback!.

2- Disseminate products as an affiliate:

The affiliation system is one of the most profitable and  recommended  businesses for those who  wantto n  make sales without having to create a product,being  the ideal complement for a   Blogger.

One of the greatest advantages is to be able to decide in  what  hours  to work,to perform it from home,to work if the spaces are given,achieving  freedom to solve the   other activities,in addition to being able to createthebility in your income.

What is being an affiliate of a product?

When we talk about affiliates our mind is usually blocked by relating the concept to that of “Referrals”, which is incorrect; Affiliatesare people who promote third-party products and receive commissions every time someone makes a purchase thanks to their work  (Referral Link). For this, it is possible to use different strategies, and all in the virtual environment, such as:

  • Social Networks
  • Blogs
  • Publicity paid
  • E-mail marketing
  • Whatsapp – Messenger

For example: if you are building a blog about entrepreneurship, you can divulge in your posts by a banner, an ebook about entrepreneurship ideas created by a third party.

That way, you’ll receive a commission every time a buyer has accessed the product through the link you’ve shared.

That type of business is scalable because, with a desingle action (likeputting  the ebook  link in your post)   you can reach thousands of people and keep making money from that over a long period of time.

What skills are needed?

To be successful in doing this work, it is recommended that you have or train the following:

  • Communicative, responsible and creative personality.
  • You gain from learning product promotion strategies on the Internet.
  • Ability to make sales
  • Constantly learning from the digital market
  • Identify the exact niche
  • Choose the best affiliations and products

Investment to  start with?

To getstarted, you just need to stay in an Affiliate program, sothe connection between you and the producer will be re-directed. así se r

There are different platforms offering info-products, in this case I recommend the ones we use:  Hotmart  and  Click  Bank. In both you will have access to a wide variety of digital products from various niches, you can choose the one that has the most to do with you to promote it and the one that offers the most content for its correct dissemination.

We also find platforms for technological products such as: Amazon, ShareASale,  Ebay;they handle sales by affiliate.

And we also find in technological services such as: Hostinger, Shopify, Leadpages,etc. They also manage affiliate program.

If you are interested in this businessidea,  just let us know in the comments and we will give a complete guide on how to make money with  Affiliate System. We lookforward to  your  feedback!.

3- Creating videos (YouTube – Facebook  Watch):

It’s not uncommon to find kids who no longer dream of being doctors but YouTubers  and it’s good as it’san estimate that c400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It consumes  more than one billion hours of video a day just talking about  this  platform.. YouTube plays  more than Netflix and Facebook  Watch videos together.

It is estimated that the figures that YouTuber generatesn per year reach  6  million  USD.. Imagine what Facebook generates.

Along with this type of activity is fully compatible with the dissemination of products by affiliate link.

What skills are needed?

To be successful in doing this work, it is recommended that you have or train the following:

  • Creativity and proactivity
  • Stage management, script
  • Spontaneous, funny
  • Ability to create content, edit,to nimar
  • Being social

Investment to start with?

Success in this type of business requires a lot of work and if it is necessary to create quality content if you have to invest in advancedequipment, however,  you can start with a mobile device and publish directly without  editing, but to excel takes a lot of time,since publishing videos frequently, perform the recording, editing and dissemination of the  content.

If you’re interested in this business idea, just let us know in the comments and we’ll give a more complete guide on how to  create video content.. ¡ We await your comments!.

4- Podcast Creation:

Although it is a slightly new content format, it is already taking strength, and it is that being always busy in various activities is sometimes impossible to pay attention to the visual content making people choose a lighter access format  mas that allows them to continue their activities, and this is  being achieved with podcasts.  

It works basically the same as the previous point the Creation of Videos, but including other platforms specialized in it, as it is: Spotify.

Spotify is at the pioneering moment offering music products, podcasts and playlists..

The skills and investment is basically the same as those of being Youtuber,it all depends on the level you want to wear it.

If you’re interested in this business idea, just let us know in the comments and we’ll do a more complete guide on how to create Podcast. We look forward to your feedback!.

5- Offer Services and Knowledge such as FreeLancer:

Perhaps you are living the right time to be FreeLancer, joining this growing trend of the sharing economy leads  to more and more benefits. Youdo or need to meetsany exactrequirement,  youimplement to want to offer yourservices and knowledge,always behaving in a professional way with  your  customers.

There was never more demand for FreeLancer  than the one currently lived, demand  is growing in a range of different niches. The downside  of conventional employment makes independent work  more  attractive.

Companies are eliminating traditional jobs and creating new positions for independent employees to join the sharing of the sharing economy.

What skills are needed to be FreeLancer?

To be successful in doing this work, it is recommended that you have or train the following:

  • Broad knowledge in your area of knowledge
  • Ability to negotiate, value time – Knowledge
  • Assertive communication
  • Organization
  • Online teamwork
  • Complaint and solution management
  • Stress management

Investment to start with?

Definitely a computer will make your job easier,  but it all depends on the niche in which you work.

For example: a programmer does not require a video camera, as a Blogger does not require a supercomputer.

The point is that the niche will dictate the necessary investment, but speaking of a normal FreeLancer  basically you won’t have to invest any money.

There are different platforms to work as FreeLancer,I name you the ones we use:  Workana,  Freelancer,  Guru,  Fiverr, on the internet you will find infinite lists of sites for  FreeLancer and in specific niches. In them there are professions such as: Programmers, Marketing Analyst, Social Media, Screenwriter,  VideoMarker,Media  BuyerBuyer,  Graphic Designers, Text Transcription,  etc.

As a recommendation imposed schedules,do not make the mistake of disorganizing your work due to lack of structure.

If you are interested in this business idea, just tell us in the comments and we will give a more complete guide on how we conduct  a cabo  the FreeLancer activity.. ¡We look forward to your feedback!.

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